Fun Race Day on Kootenay lake

 On September 5th the NKCC invites all club members to participate in a morning full of fun races and awards.  In the afternoon starting at 1:00 the public is invited to join the Nelson Canoe Kayak club and compete in Nelson’s first Cardboard Kayak Race.

Build a kayak using provided materials and race it on Kootenay lake. All ages welcome. Each participant receives cardboard, duct tape and an exacto knife. Meet at NKCC clubhouse beside rowing pavilion at Lakeside Park.

 What's at stake?

Kootenay crown (fastest)

Titanic award (sinking with style)

Best name and decoration award

Team spirit award

Schedule for the Day:

8:30-8:45 ~ Registration

9:00 ~ 200m heat one

9:30 ~ 200m heat two

10:00 ~ 500m heat one

10:30 ~ 500m heat two

11:00 ~ 1000m heat one

11:30 ~ 1000m heat two

12:00-1:00 ~ potluck lunch and awards

1:00-2:00 ~ cardboard kayak construction

2:15 ~ cardboard kayak race heat one

2:45 ~ cardboard kayak race heat two

3:30 ~ awards

Race cost: $5 per race or $10 for all three. 

Cardboard race cost: $15 per person or $45 for a family (all materials included)

Check it out here

Our Sponsors

Thank you to the Nelson Athletic Association for the loan of Buoy markers to set up
our sprint distance courses! And thank you to Hellman Canoes and Kayaks for their continued support of our sprint team with boat repairs and Tech apparel ware!