Fun Race day and cardboard kayak community event

On September 5th, the Nelson Kayak Canoe Club hosted a morning of fun races for club members and an afternoon cardboard kayak community event.

Congratulations to Noah Malenfant for his first place finish in the U14 200m race,  Reece Boulanger for his first place finish in the U18 200m race and Matt Nuttall for coming first in the Masters 200m race. 

The 500m race medals were awarded to Noah Malenfant U14, Heather Potkins U18, and Cathy Potkins and Anne-Marie Prudhomme in the masters categorie.

The longest race of the morning was the 1000m race and our winners were Felix Prudhomme, Noah Malenfant, Tenzin Machado and Xavier Machado from the U14.  Erica Potkins, Tess Nuttall, Anna Milde and Solange Machado came first in the U18 . Winning the masters categorie was Anne-Marie Prudhomme and Cathy Potkins.

The best effort T-shirts were awarded to Carson VanHorne and Lauren Heckley.

After a potluck lunch the construction began...

Each participant received one roll of duct tape, one large sheet of cardboard, an exacto knife and decorating supplies.  The time limit was one hour. 

Best decorated awards:  Team Pink Beard (Erica Potkins, Nieva Cunningham, Ana Robertson)

                         Team Submarine   (James)

Best team spirit awards: Team Welcome to the castle (Jacob and Laurie Timmermans)

                        Raleigh Robertson and Miles Kapp

Sinking with style: Team sinking in the deep (Cathy Potkins)

                  Nathan Gaffron, Noah Malenfant, Carson Vanhorne, Felix Prudhomme

Kootenay Crown: The Bent Paddle (Dianne Ducs and the Kootenay Lake Tourism)

Thank- you for everyone who came out and make the event such a success and  big hugs to everyone who volunteered their time to make the event possible.

Photo creds: Kootenay Lake tourism and Richard Milde

Our Sponsors

Thank you to the Nelson Athletic Association for the loan of Buoy markers to set up
our sprint distance courses! And thank you to Hellman Canoes and Kayaks for their continued support of our sprint team with boat repairs and Tech apparel ware!