Community Paddle Night

The Community Paddle Night is a great way to join the Nelson Paddling Club in trying out the many forms of paddling on our beautiful Kootenay lake. 

June 5th- Learn to paddle a Sit on Top or Sea Kayak 

June 12th- Learn to paddle a recreational canoe

June 19th- Learn to paddle a sprint kayak 

June 26th- Kayak Polo tournament 

July 3rd- Women's Wednesday on the Water 

July 10th- Picnic and Paddle 

July 17th- Learn to Paddle a Sprint Canoe 

July 24th- Learn to Roll a River Kayak 

July 31st- Women's Wednesday on the Water 

August 7th- Learn to Paddle a Sit on Top or Sea Kayak 

August 14th- Learn to Paddle a Sprint Kayak or Canoe 

August 21st- Kayak Polo Tournament 

Practice Details: 

Wenesdays : 6:30 - 8:00pm  

Practice is always held at the Rowing Pavilion, at Lakeside Park in Nelson, BC.


June 5th- Learn to Paddle a Sit on Top Kayak 

  • Sit on top kayaks are great for easy entry on and off the beach and dock. They are more stable then other kayaks and are a great boat to start off the season! 
    This session will focus on building confidence on the water, and learning about the basics of kayak equipment and kayak stroke.

    Do you have your own sit on top or sea kayak? Bring it and let us help you feel confident paddling on your own!

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June 12th - Learn to Paddle a Recreational Canoe 

  • This session is designed for the beginner to intermediate level canoeist. Session material assumes little knowledge of canoeing, and starts with fundamentals. Skills are taught in tandem canoes, and partners will switch from bow to stern throughout the session to learn both positions. This night is perfect for paddlers looking for basic flatwater skills to feel comfortable paddling around the lakeside to those pursuing a longer canoe trip.

We will cover: 

·         Selection of equipment

·         Government regulations

·         Safe canoeing procedures

·         Lifts and carries

·         Launching and removing a canoe

·         Entering and exiting a canoe

·         Paddling positions and trimming

·         Sideward displacement

·         Forward straight line

·         Inside and outside turns

·         Inside and outside circles

·         Stopping

·         Reverse straight line

If you have your own canoe please bring it!

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 June 19th - Learn to Paddle a Sprint Kayak 

  • Come out and try our fleet of fast and tippy sprint boats. Learn the basic of entry and exiting sprint boats, the feathering stroke (a stability stroke) and how to use a sprint kayak rudder to steer. Get ready for an exciting new challenge! 

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 July 3rd- Kayak Polo Night 

  • Get ready for Nelson's first ever Kayak Polo tournament! Never played? Don't worry not many have! This is a one of a kind opportunity to meet other paddler's, enjoy an evening on the lake and have a ton of fun (and a good work out). 
  • Kayak Polo is a competitive ball game between 2 teams, each of five players (with up to 3 subs per team). Players paddle kayaks, on a well-defined area of water, attempting to score goals against the opposition. The winning team in a game is the team that scores the most goals.

    A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes through the goal frame. The one defending player most directly under the goal is considered to be the goalkeeper at that time.  The opposing team can’t move the goalkeeper’s boat.

    A game consists of two 10 minute halves with players switching sides at halftime. The game begins with all players lining up under their goal line. When the referee whistles and throws the ball in at the center of the court, a person from each team will paddle towards the ball and attempt to win the ball. This is repeated at the start of the second half.
    When a goal is scored, each team retreats to their half of the court. The non-scoring team brings the ball forward into the opposing teams court when the referee blows the whistle.
    When the ball goes out of bounds, it work like soccer (except throws can be one handed).  The other team throws in the ball if it went out on the side line.  If the ball goes out on the end line and the defense was the last to touch it, then it is a corner throw.

  • If you would like to enter your own team just put your team name and members in the comment section of your registration. EACH TEAM MEMBER MUST STILL FILL IN THEIR OWN REGISTRATION FORM. 

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Our Sponsors

Thank you to the Nelson Athletic Association for the loan of Buoy markers to set up
our sprint distance courses! And thank you to Hellman Canoes and Kayaks for their continued support of our sprint team with boat repairs and Tech apparel ware!